I sat down at the piano one day in 2021 and this melody came to me. I hadn’t written a song on 
the piano in 20 years. I just started singing about how broken things are in the world and at home.
This song is just a take on how things are and how things should be. I touch on school shootings 
and I always have to take a deep breath every time it happens. I think about the pain the family 
goes through when a child is lost, not only for the victims, but also the shooter’s family. I know 
how it feels to lose a child, and it is something that is branded in your soul for the rest of your 
life. This song tells it like it is and the way it used to be.
I dedicate this to all impacted by the violence that we unfortunately have to live with every day. 
I have spent many sessions in the Dynamic Recording studio working on this song with Dave 
Kaspersin, and almost after every session there was a school shooting. This started to get to 
me; I thought I was a jinx, but really this just brought me closer to the song.

Jeff Riales

Jeff Riales - Vocals
Josie Waverly - Vocals
Jeff Riales Guitars
Jerry Brongo - Keys
Chuck Parnell - Bass
Greg Andrews and Joe Grillo - Drums
Written by Jeff Riales
Produced by Jeff Riales and
Dave Kaspersin